Get Started with Time History v1.1

Time History will allow you to easily and conveniently manage time calculations between any fields in issues. You can track such fields as Status, Assignee, Priority e.t., and also including all custom fields.

1. Filter issues

  • Filter issues by project. Just select a project you need and issues automatically will be reloaded.

  • Use date ranges to select only the required issues

2. Select the fields for which you want to reflect the changes

  • Select all needed fields and then press “Apply”

3. Navigation for pages and grid refresh

4. TTFC (Total Time From Created) - How much time has elapsed since the issue was created

5. Expand the issue you need, then it will show how much time has passed for each change for selected fields

  • For example, the status field was selected. And you can see how much time has passed before the status change.


6. Manage access conveniently and easily

  • To give permission to use for a certain group, simply select the desired group and transfer it to the list from the right.

7. Configure different calendars

  • Select in the menu "Calendars Settings"


  • Create someone calendar or use the Default calendar


8. Select a calendar from the list of calendars

8. Use different formats to display results